What About Bob?

We have to give the Note a slight scolding today: After giving a great example of how to pull off the perfect blind item -- that is, one in which the answer is actually visible from space -- today's list of "what we want to know" is just a rambling series of faux-coy prognostications. Except for one: "Where will Bob Shrum live in 2005-2006?"

The only reason to ask this question is to suggest that you know the answer to it, a Washington power game known as "Plato's Retreat." But, hey, we actually do know the answer: Shrum is moving to New York, where he will teach -- presumably by negative example -- on politics at New York University.

We don't know exactly what courses Shrum will lead, but we got a sneak peak at the NYU course catalog and these seem like good, uhm, candidates:

Speechwriting 101: How to Write for the Kennedys...Kennedy. The Fat One. Whatever. It was a great speech.

Political Consulting 001: Even the Losers Get Paid

Mind Control 103: How to Convince People You are Good at Your Job Despite All Evidence to the Contrary

American History 202: The 2004 Election and Losing By 3 Million Votes to a Draft-Dodger During An Unpopular War He Started

What I Want to Know Is... [ABC]


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