Who ya working for this time, Woody? - WonketteOnce again, Yale secret-society member and Pentagon Intel veteran Bob Woodward is tearing apart a wretchedly unpopular president stuck in a lost war.

Bush's foes are cheering this exciting development, but here at Wonkette we're just sadly shaking our heads while finishing off another bottle. We'll remind you why this is the best possible strategy, after the jump.

The last time Bob Woodward drove a president out of office, guess who stayed behind? That's right: Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

They were back again for 12 years of shenanigans in the Reagan and Bush 41 administrations.

They came back again for Bush 43's two-term administration. Does anyone really believe they're leaving when Dubya gets impeached or whatever? Scientists say they can't even be killed!

It would be recklessly unfair to describe Bob Woodward as a mafia family hitman, because those guys usually have such charisma. But the "former" Naval Intelligence officer and official White House propagandist has a good record of cleaning up messy situations without actually altering the power structure.

Plus, Kissinger's midnight White House visits revealed!

"The president likes to receive visits from Nixon's former and most famous aide, and he urges Dr. Kissinger to call him anytime he is in Washington," wrote Liz Smith in the New York Post.

Woodward: Kissinger pays regular visits to President Bush; Every 15 minutes Iraqi insurgents attack troops [Raw Story]

Bob Woodward: Bush Misleads On Iraq [CBS News]



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