What About Ken Jennings?

If you say you're Jewish, they go away. - WonketteA dumb new poll proves Americans continue to be religious bigots: 43% say they'll never ever vote for a weirdo Mormon president, while just 38% said they'd even consider voting for a scary Mormon.

That's bad news for the thousands of Mormon politicians hoping to run for president someday. Mitt Romney, the unloved Massachusetts governor who promises to be the Dukakis of 2008, is cursed with Mormonism. And ... well, that's about it. Oh, Sour Harry Reid's a Mormon, but he's not running for president. And Mo Udall's a Mormon who ran in '76, but he's dead. Anybody else? Orrin Hatch, dude! He even sorta ran for president once, although nobody remembers when ... 1996?

Also hated by Americans: Muslims, of course! 61% say they'll never ever vote for a Muslim president -- about the same as the 60% who would never ever vote for a president who would admit to being an atheist. In other words, hooray for Jesus! Hooray maybe for a Jew vice president, too, unless we start drinking and admit our real feelings.

Election 2008: 43% Would Never Vote for Mormon Candidate [Rasmussen]


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