What Baristas Want You To Know Before Going To A Coffeeshop! Tabs, Mon., Jan. 4, 2021

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Welcome to the new year, darling terribles! What are we reading today? Well, it's still terrible, for a little while more!

Trump's Jan. 2 perfect call with GA Sec State Brad Raffensperger. It's bad! (Washington post audio / transcript)

Annoying Daily Beast Republican guy says it's a crime against democracy, because duh. — Matt Lewis at Daily Beast

It's a crime against laws too.

Trump's fight to overthrow the election now depends on the guy who invented the CueCat, widely regarded as one of the worst gadgets ever made. (But that was several days ago; now it depends on just "crime.") (The Verge)

Curing the Donald Trump spell in the GOP, yeah good luck. — Marcy at Emptywheel

LOLOLOLOL ack hork vomit.

Story: WaPo

Here's a sickening little bit of content about Trump encouraging oh just some civil war on January 6. (Daily Beast)

All 10 living former Defense secretaries tell Trump to cut this shit. Fucker's going for it. Deep breath. — Washington Post

The prosecutors who found that the Blackwater massacre wasn't just innocent civilians caught in the crossfire but completely fucking evil intentional murder are eating their own livers at Donald Trump's pardons. (New York Times letters to the editor)

110,000 — thousand — restaurants have closed since March. The first thing Joe Biden can do is ax Trump's 25 percent tariff on European olive oils and wines etc. And then Congress can get on the standalone Restaurants Act, for $110 billion's worth of support for our friends. — Alice Waters and Kwame Onwuachi at WaPo

The cruise ship suicides began after the passengers had left. This is ... well. It is. (Bloomberg)

Let's all look at the Colts Neck, New Jersey, year-round Christmas house, we need it and I love it. — Realtor.com

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