What? Chris Matthews Is Sexist To His Female Guests? Who Would Have Thought?


Why is Chris Matthews?

This is the question many of us, one would hope, are asking ourselves this week. At least I am. The man has been spiraling. He's been comparing Bernie Sanders to Hitler invading France and claiming that Sanders would have cheered to see him, Chris Matthews, beheaded in Central Park. This week, he had the gall to interrogate Elizabeth Warren about why on earth she would believe a woman (and several other people!) who said Michael Bloomberg told her to "kill it" when she was pregnant, instead of believing Michael Bloomberg. He was very, very upset about this. Couldn't believe it! Why on earth, after all, would a man lie about sexually harassing his employees? It just doesn't make sense!


Then, just a few days later, GQ published an op-ed by columnist Laura Bassett about her own experience with Chris Matthews ... which was not good.

In 2017, I wrote a personal essay about a much older, married cable-news host who inappropriately flirted with me in the makeup room a few times before we went live on his show, making me noticeably uncomfortable on air. I was afraid to name him at the time for fear of retaliation from the network; I'm not anymore. It was Chris Matthews. In 2016, right before I had to go on his show and talk about sexual-assault allegations against Donald Trump, Matthews looked over at me in the makeup chair next to him and said, "Why haven't I fallen in love with you yet?"

When I laughed nervously and said nothing, he followed up to the makeup artist. "Keep putting makeup on her, I'll fall in love with her."

Another time, he stood between me and the mirror and complimented the red dress I was wearing for the segment. "You going out tonight?" he asked.

I said I didn't know, and he said—again to the makeup artist—"Make sure you wipe this off her face after the show. We don't make her up so some guy at a bar can look at her like this."

As Basset mentioned, she wrote about the incident before — and after she did, multiple women came to her and said that they knew exactly who she was talking about, because he was the same way with them.

Though it's also not too surprising given the fact that, back in 1999, NBC had to pay off a staffer Matthews had sexually harassed.

Also, this week, Matthews confused Jaime Harrison, who is running for Lindsey Graham's seat in the Senate, with Republican Senator Tim Scott. While he was talking to Harrison on his show.

There are so many people in the world! So many, many people! Why must the Chris Matthewsing continue? Matthews occupies a very, very crowded political lane. There are many people out there with a similar "I'm a Democrat but sometimes those Republicans do have a point!" thing going on, if that is what MSNBC wants. Surely, among those people, there is someone who can manage to say fewer obviously offensive things, be less sexist and also tell black people apart. Lots of someones, probably! And you know what? MSNBC keeping Chris Matthews on in this capacity should be insulting to them all.


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