What Do Derek Chauvin, Trump, And Kayleigh McEnany Have In Common? No, Besides The Obvious.


One of the many things conservatives are very concerned about is "voter fraud." Oh boy, do they ever hate voter fraud. They want to prevent people from voting by mail just because of a little pandemic, they want to institute voter ID, and they believe ever so desperately that Democrats are trying to rig elections through voter fraud.

This, like so many other things conservatives are worried about (for instance, the practice of paying people to pretend they share one's political views), is pure projection. For the most part, when we hear about voter fraud or voter suppression or election fraud, it is almost always Republicans who are doing it.

For the last few weeks, Donald Trump has been beating the anti-voting-by-mail drum, claiming that doing so will result in massive voter fraud. Of course, voter fraud on a large scale — even with mail-in ballots — is very easily detected. Just ask Republican Mark Harris, who had to drop out of the North Carolina Senate race after it was discovered that his campaign had messed with absentee ballots.

It should not surprise you at all that it turns out that Trump, himself, may have voted illegally by voting in Florida instead of voting in New York, his actual state of residence, despite the fact that he is legally not allowed to claim Mar-a-Lago as his residence for voting purposes or otherwise. Or that Kayleigh McEnany, who has also spoken out against mail-in-voting, has voted by mail in the state of Florida 11 times — including at least one time when she was working full-time in Washington DC and lived there with her husband, in a house they bought.

It should also not surprise you that Derek Chauvin, murderer and registered Republican, also fraudulently voted in the state of Florida, rather than in Minnesota, where he lives and works. Well, used to work, anyway.

Via Orlando Sentinel:

Dan Helm, a Democrat and attorney, sent Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala a letter notifying her of Chauvin's voting record.

"While living in Minnesota, working there, paying taxes there, Derek Chauvin cannot claim residency in Orange County. His home, residency and where he intends to live is in Minnesota, not Florida," Helm wrote.

His letter cites the Florida statute prohibiting false swearing and the submission of false voter registration information, adding that violation of the statute is a third-degree felony.

Way to not follow the rule of law, former Officer Chauvin! And Donald Trump. And Kayleigh McEnany.

Despite these few instances of loud and proud Republicans voting illegally, there still is not much evidence that voter fraud exists on a widespread scale — as the commission Trump established in 2017 to root out all the voter fraud discovered. Of course, it is unlikely that Trump, McEnany or Chauvin see anything wrong with their own illegal voting habits, because the real goal is not preventing voter fraud, it is, and always has been, to limit the amount of people who are able to vote, largely because the more people vote, the more likely Republicans are to lose.

[Orlando Sentinel]

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