What Do The Male Senators Like To Do When Amy Klobuchar Is Presiding, Hmm?

What Do The Male Senators Like To Do When Amy Klobuchar Is Presiding, Hmm?

It may surprise you to hear that a new BOOK is coming out, about POLITICS. This one is about the Senate and its Secrets. Don't you want to know evenmore embarrassing anecdotes about the behavior of The World's Greatest Deliberative Body? Here's one: about that time (maybe now still, who knows?) that senators kept sending Amy Klobuchar wacky notes whenever she was presiding over the chamber. She loved this episode in her life! (Not really.)

Sen. Amy Klobuchar experienced one of her 'most embarrassing moments' when, while presiding over the Senate, a page handed her a note signed 'Anonymous' that read, 'Pull up your shirt.'"

That anecdote is one of the more revealing... in a new book, “The Upper House: A Journey Behind the Closed Doors of the U.S. Senate,” by journalist Terence Samuel.

According to Samuel’s book, the Minnesota Democrat’s unintentional flesh-baring became a joke among some Senators, including Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), and the next time Klobuchar presided over the chamber, she got a second anonymous note. “Your earrings don’t match,” it read. “When she looked up, Tester was cracking up in the back row.”

CHRIST, TESTER, THIS ISN'T MONTANA. You have to ask "please pull up your shirt" and "would you like a set of matching earrings, ma'am," okay?

UPDATE: Okay okay it's not fair to blame Jon Tester for the first note. JON TESTER RESPECTS NICE LADIES AND THEIR LADY EARRINGS.

[Roll Call via Raw Story]


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