What Does a Wonkette Taste Like?

The nice folks at the somewhat less-than-ubiquitious Star Spangled Ice Cream company wrote to thank us for the blurb the other day in our "Blogging About Ice Cream" roundup (we're thinking regular feature, no?). Most bestest part?

You'd make a terrific poster girl for the brand -- I think I'll tell Richard Lessner, the Executive VP and my office mate -- former executive director of the American Conservative Union -- that he should name a flavor after you. 
Our own ice cream flavor! It's not edible underpants, but it's close. What flavor, though? We're torn. "Pinko Lemonade" or maybe "Moonbat Pie" would certainly describe our political allegiances, but who could resist "Fudge Tunnel"?

UPDATE: Mr. Wonkette has vetoed "Fudge Tunnel." Someone in the family needs to have standards. Got any other suggestions? Send 'em in: ().

Blogging About Ice Cream [Wonkette]


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