What Does It Mean For Conspiracy Theorists If Even Sinclair Won't Air Their Nonsense?

'Plandemic' Lady And Larry Klayman Are Gonna Sue Dr. Fauci For Creating COVID-19

This year, a deadly virus emerged in an organic fashion, killed a lot of people, and, according to the experts, the only way to keep it from killing way, way more people and also overwhelming hospitals was for everyone to just quarantine at home and be very careful and wear masks and observe certain protocols whenever they did need to leave their houses. For areas that did this, it worked pretty well. The rates of infection have gone down, while they've gone up in areas that have refused to do this. It seems like everything pretty much makes sense.

But that's not a very exciting explanation, and it makes people who don't like smug scientists or engaging in even the smallest personal sacrifice to prevent other people from getting sick and dying feel bad and annoyed. Thus, in May, another, more satisfying explanation emerged, in the form of a documentary called Plandemic. This documentary featured the good kind of scientist — the kind that cannot actually do science anywhere anymore because of how often their work has been discredited and the fact that they were arrested for having a co-worker steal research and notebooks from the lab they were just fired from (over being discredited).

In this version of events, that smug scientist who was on TV every day thinking he was better than everyone and telling them what to do actually invented the virus himself, and also all of the things he and all of the other scientists were telling people to do — specifically the very things that inconvenienced people the most, like quarantining, social distancing and mask-wearing — were actually bad.

Unfortunately for all of these people, the claims of that former scientist, Judy Mikovits, were very swiftly debunked by legions of non-idiots in a matter of days, if not hours. Also just literally as they watched it or read about it, it because there was almost no way anyone with two brain cells to rub together would buy that shit when it was so obviously wrong.

Anyway, as we reported on Friday, Sinclair Broadcasting Station was all set to run an "America This Week" segment in which Eric Bolling interviewed Mikovits and her lawyer, Larry Klayman — who, may we just note, never managed to citizen's arrest Obama even once.

There was a lot of backlash to this, particularly to a graphic stating "Did Dr. Fauci Create COVID-19?" displayed during the interview. So much backlash, in fact, that Sinclair decided not to air the interview at all (although it has been available online since Wednesday night), and tweeted that not only will they not air it, but that they did not believe that Dr. Fauci created the virus at all.

Eric Bolling, for his part, claims this was all the doing of his "producers" and that he had no idea what Plandemic was, who Judy Mikovits was, or what the interview would even be about prior to having Mikovits and Klayman on.

Via CNN:

But Bolling, a former Fox News host, told CNN Business in a series of text messages that he invited Mikovits onto his show to "question and challenge her beliefs."

Bolling also said he does not control the on-screen graphics that appear during his show."I did challenge her," Bolling said, noting he called her claim "hefty."

When pressed over whether calling a claim "hefty" constituted effectively challenging the conspiracy theory Mikovits pushed, Bolling said that he did believe he challenged her.

Bolling then told CNN Business that he was not aware of the viral "Plandemic" video Mikovits was featured in earlier this year, and said Saphier "was not originally booked on the show" and that he added her to "provide an opposing viewpoint."

"I don't know of any video she was in prior to or after appearing on my show. Frankly, I was shocked when she made the accusation," Bolling said. "I asked our producers to add Saphier to the show for the express purpose of debunking the conspiracy theory. I believe viewers see that I did not and do not endorse her theory."

When asked if he really was unaware that Mikovits had been in a viral video earlier in the year pushing misinformation about coronavirus, Bolling said he had been."I give you my word... this is the first I've heard of the video," Bolling said. "And the very first time I heard of Dr. Mikovits was the morning of taping."

So he didn't have any idea who Judy Mikovits was, but he invited her on his show to "question and challenge" her beliefs (that he did not know prior to this interview) by calling them "hefty."

What he's actually admitting to here is that he somehow missed one of the bigger stories of the summer, something that was trending on social media for days, and something that is deeply, deeply important to the kind of people who watch Eric Bolling or who watch anyone who regularly interviews Ted Nugent. He is obviously very bad at his job! Perhaps he should consider a new career, doing something that does not require knowing anything whatsoever, and also where he can freely send "lewd pictures" to his coworkers without fear of blowback. You'd think Sinclair Broadcasting would be the perfect spot for that (at least the first thing!), but it seems like it's not working out!

This has to be a very sad moment for all of the Plandemic fans out there. If even Sinclair Broadcasting thinks it's above airing the nonsense they believe in, and OAN defends you but won't say what you actually believe on air, and Fox News personalities like Jesse Watters diminish all of the important work you did on the Pizzagate and Wayfair scandals and claim, as a compliment, that you uncovered things about Jeffrey Epstein and "the Deep State" that you didn't even do because they want to shine you on, who can you even count on?

People like me are out here calling you crazy, and Fox, Sinclair and OAN just let you hang there, not even bothering to do the work of getting that video of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin running around wearing the peeled-off face of a child that you are so very sure exists and was in Anthony Weiner's laptop, so that you can rub it in our faces that you were right all along and think things you invented out of thin air were true. How is that fair? They should really get on this.

Oh! And this is your open thread! Enjoy!


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