What, Does Manhattan Get All The Invasions?

* Hey remember how we were staking everything on this one dude's report? Yeah, never mind. [Huff Po]

* Oh and hey, even though they like to listen to everything we say and watch everything we do, the Feds can't find a terrorist for shit! [Think Progress]

* The Democratic Congress may be paralyzed, but at least they're showing up for work. [Redstate]

* If you're Osama bin Laden and you're looking to not get blown up by some kind of missile, where's a good oil-rich country to hide? [Fresh Intelligence]

* Oh, and the dude's looking better than ever. [Michelle Malkin]

* What is Baghdad coming to when not even their most famous bloggers can keep from getting displaced? Finally, the war has hit home in a way we can understand. [Baghdad Burning]


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