What Does One Serve After Daddy Dearest Stages A Coup?

Here's one more tacky-ass news giblet for you from Jonathan Karl's new book Tacky-Ass News Giblets About Trump: Here, Have Some EAT THEM, EAT THEM, EAT THEM(Wonkette cut link).

The day after January 6, AKA the day after Donald Trump's months-long campaign of incitement had a big dumpy Caucasian orgasm all over the steps and the rotunda of the United States Capitol, there was something on Ivanka Trump's calendar, and also the calendar of her husband, Jared Kushner. We imagine it had been planned for months, this engagement. And despite how Ivanka and Jared spent all of January 6 with Father, despite how they stood by and did the bare minimum while white domestic rage terrorists threatened members of Congress and sought out Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence with intent to kill, despite how Father had literally spent that day trying to overthrow the United States of America ...

Well, Ivanka and Jared had this dinner party planned.

And the crumpets were getting stale.

And this candy dish isn't going to fill itself with car keys ...


So ...

President Donald Trump's eldest daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, hosted a fancy dinner party for members of the Trump administration and invited guests just hours after a deadly siege at the US Capitol resulted in the death of a police officer, while more would die in the coming weeks.

Oh how nice for them.

According to the book, while Trump people were resigning left and right on January 7, Vanky and the Brain were saying "I'll take your coat and put it on the bed in the guest bedroom" and other quotes that were maybe also 14 words long to their guests. You know, dinner party arrivals talk.

They didn't talk about the resignations at dinner, though, apparently. They didn't even talk about the resignation of Stephanie Grisham, who had served them all so lovingly for so long. Here's what they talked about instead:

Instead, the party focused on ideas about the formation of a free-market-espousing think tank with the goal of appealing to Democrats and pulling their opponents away from an embrace of left-leaning economic policies that has overtaken the party's base in recent years.

Annnnnnnnd Jared Kushner served one final "OH I BET I KNOW WHAT DEMOCRATS WOULD LIKE!" idea directly into the net! "Hey, Democrats, I'm Jared! Wanna come to my think tank? I made it just for you!"

The report says you can't tell from Karl's book whether Donald Trump knew about this dinner party, but that quotes from Jared to Karl made really clear that Trump was only keeping the company of his closest sycophants in those hours after the attack he incited, and that Jared was making himself scarce.

"We'll just get in a fight if I go over there," said Mr Kushner [to a House Republican], according to Mr Karl, referring to the Oval Office.

But that's OK, because back at his house where he lived with Ivanka, there were friends!

"Among those who attended were Larry Kudlow and Brooke Rollins, who were still working as senior officials in the Trump White House. Kevin Hassett, who had served as one of Trump's top economic advisors until the summer of 2020, was also there."

And they talked about Jared Good Think Tank For Benefit Of Democrats! And nobody talked about January 6.

We wonder what they ate. And what games they played.

Vienna sausages and naked Pin The Tail On The Donkey and Larry Kudlow insisted on always being the donkey?

Can't say, because Jon Karl didn't write that in his book, therefore we are left with only guesses.



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