Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the delightful new congresswoman from Q, Georgia, is [Psycho shower scene noise] again. For a change (not for a change), she is harassing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, because AOC is a socialist-communist-marxist-abortionist, and also probably because she's jealous AOC's face doesn't look like that.

Oh, like it's not true.

Yesterday, following yet another Marjorie Taylor Greene roid-rage incident (RHETORICAL HYPERBOLE!) in which she accosted her fellow representative in the presence of journalists because she doesn't even seem to know she should be embarrassed, a two-year-old video was surfaced by CNN's K-File. The video was originally proudly uploaded by Greene herself but she then deleted it. It's unknown when she deleted the video, whether before her 2020 election to Congress (unlikely, as this sort of thing was what got her elected) or after she lost her committee assignments due to the discovery of her blithely spouting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be executed for treason, which was, probably not coincidentally, the same day as this video. (So that's very likely!)

You ready for some creepy shit?

Why yes, the second thing that struck you — because the first was that Greene does a weird sort of buffering and skipping stream of consciousness like she is a New Age prophet channeling an extraterrestrial being but all her words are like "baby" and "diaper" and "We're going to go see — we're going to visit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Crazy eyes. Crazy eyes. Nutty. Cortez," which is extraordinarily discomfiting in itself — is that after she is done, Greene's companions croon through AOC's office door in the exact same threatening sing-song that the men searching for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi crooned through the hallways in the 1/6 Capitol riots: "Come out to playyayyy."

And that, CNN's Andrew Kaczynski tells us in his very next tweet, doesn't seem to be a coincidence!

"Among Greene's associates with her is Anthony Aguero, who was among the Capitol mob on January 6th who went into the building," he writes. "Greene's companions say into the mailbox slot of the locked door, 'You can't stay in there forever. Come out and play.'"

And point to Claire Willett on Twitter: "I'm just saying that video sure makes Marjorie Taylor Greene seem like exactly the kind of violent asshole who would rip the panic buttons out of Ayanna Pressley's desk and laugh while she was doing it."

Yes, when she puts it that way, it most certainly does.

Meanwhile, asked about it on CNN, AOC's fellow Democrat Abigail Spanberger, who famously blamed AOC and her fellow lefty "Squad" for losses in the House in 2020, talked for several minutes about leadership, the pipeline crisis, brave cops, and herself, without ever once simply saying, "My colleague Rep. Ocasio-Cortez should not be harassed at work, nobody should," because leadership or whatever I guess. I don't know, maybe she's not being small, maybe she's just bad on TV.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has made an entire career out of 1) inheriting her dad's construction company and b) chasing people down the street, as she did with David Hogg, when he was a high school student who lived through half his class getting murdered at school. Let's relive this, which — along with even more assertions that Democrats should be executed! — Greene and her constituents seem to believe is entirely appropriate behavior for a grown-ass woman.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez herself said simply, when asked, that this behavior had gone on for years and she felt Rep. Taylor Greene was "deeply unwell," which seems to be both kind and correct. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for an "ethics investigation," which does seem rather beside the point, though presumably one can't 72-hour-hold a congresswoman. Hell, you can't even make people wear masks during a global pandemic.

And that is Today in GOOD LORD, WHAT EVEN THE FUCK.

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