What Is Aperitivo Hour? Discover And Enjoy Italy's Happy Hour! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 14, 2022

What Is Aperitivo Hour? Discover And Enjoy Italy's Happy Hour! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 14, 2022

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The kids are right. They shouldn't have to save us. Fuck, I am so sorry, kids. (Teen Vogue special gun violence issue)

Trump judge goes after birth control because some dipshit Texas dad has the constitutional right (does not have the constitutional right) to put a kibosh on any program that might (but doesn't) serve his wholly owned by him daughter. (Vox)

I'm so old I remember when Joe Biden invented gay marriage (but I can't remember if it was before or after Gavin Newsom invented gay marriage). Background on yestertoday's lovely Respect for Marriage Act signing! — NPR

The insano vicious anti-gay backlash from the Right, starring Brittney Griner being released from a Russian hellhole. (Amanda Marcotte at Salon)

Amanda Marcotte end-of-year-listicles the MAGA Republicans' top five hardest faceplants. Ouch, that smarts! — Salon

And this guy's the sane Michigan Republican. (Susan Demas at Michigan Advance)

I also have a chat group called Wirefraud, that's how I remember to do all my crimes. (AFR)

I don't watch true crime documentaries because a) they're bad for you, making you think everyone's getting murdered all the time and that you're always in danger (and scared people are Republican people); b) I watched ONE true crime documentary and the next thing Netflix suggested was QAnon; and 3) it's pretty shocking to me just how one-sided a documentary can be, and you'll never even know what you don't know. So that's a no from me on the Casey Anthony series about how she is super innocent, and it's a no from Vox too, which is scathing.

Oh, here's a true crime: Border Patrol agent going to prison for the true crime of being A SERIAL KILLER. Kind of feel like we all should have made some more hay of that one, jesus christ. (Daily Kos)

I do like those white collar crime shows though. Here's a white collar crime, BUSTED YA GUILTY, but what does that actually mean for Trump Org? Welllll, it might cost them quite a bit of do-re-mi. — Law & Crime

I am as likely to read this essay about Ulysses as I am to read Ulysses. But I started it! (Paris Review)

Aperitivo hour? When I was pregnant, we just called it "snack." "Snack" was fruit and cheese and prosciutto and crackers and I would die if I didn't have snack. Also snack was at 3, not 6, because I would die if dinner was at 8. Then we imagined Six Year Old Donna Rose coming home from her first play date IN FURY that we had kept her from, I don't know, after-school lunchables. "SNACK IS BULLSHIT," we imagined her shouting. "ATTICA!" We weren't terribly far off. — The Mixer

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