What Is Cluttercore? Find Out Now! Tabs, Mon., Feb. 13, 2023

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Trump hired a research group to prove he won the 2020 election, and then buried their report that said, with tears in their eyes, SIR SIR SORRY YOU LOST THE ELECTION SIR FUCKIN LOSER. (Gift link Washington Post)

Some Trump judges and the wackaloon Fifth Circuit are trying to strike down anything funded outside of Congress's appropriations process as unconstitutional. Does that include Social Security and Medicare? Baby you know it. (Slate)

This is unconstitutional on its face and I don't know why Disney, which is pretty fuckin powerful, didn't fight back.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will soon take control of Walt Disney World’s self-governing district after Senate Republicans approved a bill Friday punishing the company over its opposition to the law critics call “Don’t Say Gay.”


Oh, NOW the College Board is just wonderin' if maybe Ron DeSantis is a full of shit pig who hates education and history and civil rights and Black scholars. Also: a big old lying liar! (Tampa Bay / letter)

This is your new (old) summer jam. I can't stop watching it with my poor bloody eyeballs!

Wonder how long it will be before Missouri outlaws teaching that Kansas City's Black players had to rent basement apartments because the whole city was segregated by cracker ass racists. (Gift link Washington Post)

Kansas just elected an election denier head of their GOP, and now he would like them to impeach Joe Biden for "tyranny." DAMN YOU OLD TYRANT JOE! — AP

Wyoming Republicans want their young teens to be able to marry, as dirty old men intended. (Insider)

I thought this version of Ray Bradbury's "The Veldt" was shockingly bowdlerized, like as if "The Lottery" ended before they were upon her, but it turns out the story's just spread over multiple pages. (My Short Stories) Oh right, I searched for "The Veldt" because I looked at this bathroom (top pic) and started cackling and asking my mother if she remembered the story — very "Yellow Wallpaper" — which she didn't. I look at pictures of kitchens and bathrooms way too much, don't you guys get sick of it? (The Spruce)

Have you ever had ice wine? Oh man, I love ice wine. What to know about sweet and dessert wines! Liquor.com!

This is not an ad, I just love Penzeys, and the Penzeys family loves your Wonkette! Through tomorrow, Tues., Feb. 14, it's $14.95 Cocoa Cuddle Gift Boxes for just $6.95 and free $6.95 Potato of Love with purchase. (That free Potato of Love even worked when I bought something that was also on sale for two dollars.)

I thought I wanted to learn about "cluttercore," but they say it has to be "neat" and "organized." That is not my beautiful house! (Better Homes & Gardens)

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