What Is That Smell?

I can feed the press this much bullshitWith a toss of her hair, Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered today that she had been sooo naive when she took the reins of power of the the lower chamber of the legislative body of the most powerful country in the world, which totes just fell into her lap because she was such a nice, kind grandmotherly type. She's just, you know, so bewildered that the Republicans just aren't falling into line with her stance on Iraq, saying "That was a revelation to me, because I felt the American peoples' voices were so strong and still are in this regard that I hoped that with some compromise and reaching out there might be some change in direction." So, anti-Iraq grassroots activists who are mad that she's had a year to end the war and hasn't, don't blame her! She was just new to all this politicking stuff and didn't realize how mean the boys could be. [CQ Politics]


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