What Is the Event We Hoped Would Include Matt Yglesias?

The Wonkette game show operative reports on this past weekend's what-passes-for-celebrity-in-this-town edition of "Jeopardy":

    The Saturday evening round pitted Ari Fleischer against Ashleigh Banfield and Aaron Brown, and let's just say the always confident Aaron Brown was not happy with the final results. Tim Russert also lost his round. As for Ashleigh, the biggest loss for her was having to be introduced as "a television journlist" rather than "a network correspondent for NBC News." Apparently along with nixing her contract, Jeopardy's publicists told me NBC also nixed her right to be associated with the network for Celebrity Jeopardy.

Great! Who can we contact about nixing her right to be associated with journalism?

Washingtonians get buzzed on 'Jeopardy' [USAT]


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