What One Conservative Woman Thinks of Washingtonienne

Michelle Malkin weighs in on Washingtonienne. She thinks that Capitol Hill sex scandals are bad. But beyond that, what is she really trying to say? We ran the column through our translator. . .

Michelle saysMichelle means
Meet the new Monica Lewinsky. Jessica Cutler, a 24-year-old mailroom clerk and phone receptionist, worked for Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, until last Friday . . . Cutler's partners reportedly included government officials who gave her money for her sexual services.What does that "R" before Ohio stand for? I seem to have forgotten.
When I was 24 and making less than [$25,000], I did it by eating Spaghetti-O's, Ramen noodles and Swanson pot pies for dinner; driving a Toyota Tercel with no air conditioning; and sleeping on a $30 futon. I did it the way most parents teach their daughters to succeed: through hard work, thrift, faith and perseverance. And when I got hungry or cold, I comforted myself with an almost infinite supply of self-righteous indignation.
I don't usually write about such inside-the-Beltway gossip, but Cutler's indecent conduct, glib rationalizations and in-your-face shamelessness, and the accompanying feeding frenzy over her, deserve a firm outside-the-Beltway lashing. I am so turned on right now.
This vulgar little episode reflects a larger, disturbing media trend toward normalizing and glamorizing sexual promiscuity among young working women. What johns?
It harms those trying to succeed on their merits in the professional arena.who_me_sexualized

And it also harms our own daughters, who will be forced to fight harder to protect their dignity and credibility in a "Girls Gone Wild" culture. Fight against other women like Jessica Cutler, I mean. Men don't play any role in this scandal at all. Just Jessica and our daughters, fighting. . . wrestling, really. . . against each other. .
The news media originally caught whiff of Cutler from an online D.C.-based gossip site, Wonkette.com, authored by "edgy" (read: profanity-laced and sex-obsessed) writer Ana Marie Cox. . . I have no idea what "edgy" means.
Cox generously mentioned she didn't want too much "credit" for Cutler's newfound notoriety. ("Credit?" Quinn mused subtly. "That's an interesting word.") I believe that Fox News is subtle.
. . . illustrate what normal Americans hate about the Capitol scene: narcissism, moral bankruptcy and self-congratulatory media-political incest.What was I saying about Fox News?
The Washington Post's legitimization of this shallow "story" illustrates something else: the mainstream media's perverted moral values. My own interest in this story is purely clinical.
But give The Washington Post two vain, young, trash-mouthed skanks who couldn't care less about what their parents think of their sex-drenched infamy. . . No, really, I am not turned on at all. Also: Daddy?
. . . and the newspaper can't wait to help make them full-fledged members of the media elite. Using this scandal to score a cheap victory in the culture war, on the other hand, is the height of journalistic integrity.

The skanks on Capitol Hill


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