What Passes for News on a Friday: Jeff Gannon Is Gay

We like the Raw Story crew, and we link to their stuff often. But today we must quibble with their editorial judgment.

Guys, does this "news" really merit full-blown, Drudge-style treatment -- replete with red all-caps text and the trademark "DEVELOPING"?


We solicited comment from Jeff Gannon, who has some quibbles with the headline's accuracy. Here's an excerpt from our IM convo (screen names are pseudonyms):

Wonkette: is there anything in the raw story hed that you'd like to correct or that you quibble with?
Gannon: the headline implies i went to the white house to do something other than my job as a reporter. i was a reporter as the white house and I showed up for work.

Wonkette: yeah, that's true, it definitely has a salacious edge to it

Gannon: ooooh. white house "visits" - I WORKED THERE!

Wonkette: HA!

Gannon: oooh. Helen Thomas - white house "visits" - what did she do with FDR and when did she do it?

Wonkette: EEWW! Let's not go there, it's almost lunch time...

Gannon: i could make it so you never eat again...

Jeff: Is that a threat, or a promise?

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