What's Better Than One Manhattan Grand Jury Investigating Trump Org? Another One!

Here's some news, not entirely sure what it means.

Turns out the district attorney in Manhattan has put together a second grand jury to look at all the Trump Organization's potential criming. The Washington Post isn't 100 percent certain whether the first grand jury, the one that indicted Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg, is still impaneled, but hey, here's another one:

The Manhattan District Attorney has convened a second long-term grand jury to hear evidence about the Trump Organization's financial practices, and potentially to vote on criminal charges, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

The new grand jury is assigned to meet three days a week over six months, people familiar with the matter said. It was expected to hear evidence on Thursday, meeting in Manhattan's Surrogate's Court — usually a forum for disputes over the estates of the deceased — because the criminal court buildings are jammed with a rush of post-pandemic trials.

One person familiar with the matter said the second grand jury was expected to examine how former president Donald Trump's company valued its assets.

Well that would be getting to the meat of the matter, we think. If you'll remember, the Weisselberg indictment was meaty too, but it was all about how Weisselberg himself is a really dumb idiot criminal, allegedly. Sounds like this new grand jury is going to be about more directly Trumpy stuff.

Wonkette has talked about Trump's seemingly hinky valuations a number of times, and that's what a large part of that bombshell New York Times report on the Trump family's long alleged history of frauding was about. Yesterday's Washington Post report on the new grand jury also has a great summary. It'll be interesting to see what DA Cyrus Vance, and then his just-elected successor Alvin Bragg uncover with this new grand jury. Maybe hopefully somebody can finally get LOCK HIM UPPED and by "somebody" we mean we're praying to baby Jesus it's somebody named "Trump."

The Post notes, of course, that just because a grand jury is seated doesn't mean it will indict anyone, but come on, we always hear that grand juries will indict ham sandwiches. (Because ham sandwiches is MURDERERS.) (Oh no, ham sandwiches, don't sue us for libel!)

Point is, grand juries have a reputation for indicting just about anyone.

In summary and in conclusion, we're sure "The Rachel Maddow Show" talked about this last night, but we didn't watch it, but we bet you can find it on your local Google, so how about you make like a tree and Google it.

[Washington Post]

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