What's Inside The Letter This Woman Wrote To Her Husband's Mistress! Tabs, Mon., Sept. 12, 2022

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What's Inside The Letter This Woman Wrote To Her Husband's Mistress! Tabs, Mon., Sept. 12, 2022

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None of these Russian officials have fallen out of windows yet???

“The rhetoric that you and your subordinates use has been riddled with intolerance and aggression for a long time, which in the end effectively threw our country back into the Cold War era. Russia has again begun to be feared and hated, we are once again threatening the whole world with nuclear weapons,” the letter read.

“We ask you to relieve yourself of your post due to the fact that your views and your governance model are hopelessly outdated and hinder the development of Russia and its human potential,” the deputies said in closing.

Daily Beast

MAGA Republicans are a threat to democracy — The American people, including one in four Republicans. (Reuters)

Gretchen Whitmer's Michigan Miracle. Who knew! (Bloomberg)

Michigan voters would like some gun laws please! — Wood TV

I ain't reading all that, but here's 58 pages of White House economic blueprint report, for bookmarking or something I guess!

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland has approved new names for all the public lands named for a slur for Native American women. Holy shit that's a long list. New place names here.

This does not seem right! Judge rules Hawaiians who move to certain US territories can't vote. (Democracy Docket)

Bari Weiss and Glenn Greenwald should read Adam Serwer on Salman Rushdie and freedom of speech, and hell, maybe they even did. It's not like I'm going to check their substacks to find out. — The Atlantic

A terrific and interesting story on a Dutch company that met a demand and a supply and began training socially isolated people with autism in cybersecurity. (ProPublica)

And an even longer and maybe more interesting one on the life and death of Stella Walsh, the Olympian who was discovered to be intersex after she was murdered (in a robbery, not for being intersex, small favors). Cleveland — Ohio! — in the 1980s — the 1980s! — was all like pfft fuck you so what, she lived as a woman, she is a woman. Plus lots of stuff about Nazis (the German kind, the IOC kind) and other Olympians and MAN just all the things. — Rob Tannenbaum at Longreads

MISTRESS LETTER! Man that sure is a lot of words to keep you on the page between the four or five snapshots of letter that isn't particularly interesting. Well, what can you do, that's clickbait for you! (Traveler Dreams)

Blueberry and Meyer lemon tarts. I used rose jam and regular lemons. They were delicious! — The Curious Plate

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