Well, lordy Jesus, that was 10 minutes of our life we're never going to get back.

A few minutes ago, all the reporters on Twitter started saying, "Um, we are getting called to the Rose Garden and we don't know why." Democrats were supposed to be meeting with Trump about Infrastructure Week, but instead, this was happening:

Hooray! There was a sign in the Rose Garden! It said how big the Mueller Investigation was! And most importantly the Mueller Investigation said NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION, PREZNIT TRUMP GOOD, NOT A RUSSIAN.

(It did not say that. Not even a little bit. And just this morning, House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff announced a surely temporary detente with the Justice Department because it's FINALLYFUCKINGFINALLY agreed to start handing over counter-intel information from the investigation to the committee. Just this morning.)

Look, Preznit No Russias held the sign!

Anyway, as we were saying, Trump was supposed to be doing an Infrastructure Week meeting with some Dems, but he got mad and waddled his greasy butt right out of there to go say NO COLLUSION to the Rose Garden.

Some people in White House were like "No, Preznit NoRussia McGreasyButt, don't go down there!" but we guess they didn't try hard enough.

So there the president found himself in the Rose Garden, and he had a sign, and everything he said was basically everything he tweets. Maybe his little tiny hands are too achy for a tweet storm right now, and all they could lift was that sign?

And so it was that the president of the United States sniffed and he sniffed and he said NO COLLUSION and he said Jerry Nadler sucks and he read words from a Wall Street Journal op-ed that said NO COLLUSION and he told those Democrats that if they don't stop their investigations right now, then they won't get to join in the big Infrastructure Week party Donald Trump, President Of Accomplishments, is throwing, and won't they be sad then?


And, um ... the end, we guess?

Literally, that was it. Dipshit was mad, so Dipshit went to the Rose Garden to whine.

If you want some video for some reason (just to check if Wonkette is lyin' at ya, probably!) here you go. As Aaron Rupar points out, fucker's mouth seemed to be on the fritz again:

What a special American moment this has been, God bless us everyone, etc.

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