something is seriously wrong with him

Donald Trump just concluded a completely batshit press availability alongside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is his best friend now, at least until next time Chuck Schumer launches a Snausage into his mouth. Many bullshits were uttered, but the one that's REALLY pissing people off is when he baselessly for no reason lied and said Barack Obama and other presidents didn't call the families of troops killed in action. (!!!!) No seriously, watch it:

WHAT EVEN THE FUCK? It was so strange because he was actually in the middle of saying something halfway human for once, which is that when he has to make four or five of those calls in a day, it's really hard. We imagine! And then President Fuckstick ruined it all by saying Obama didn't call troops' families.

And where did he get that information? Oh, it's somebody else's fault:

What in the goddamned fuck is wrong with him?

Alyssa Mastromonaco, who was a deputy chief of staff in the Obama administration, playing the role of Motherfucking Snopes In Your Face:

And Ben Rhodes, who was a foreign policy adviser and speechwriter for Obama, playing the role of Let Me Shove Some PolitiFacts Up Your Ass:

Oh good point! Have we all repressed the memory from the 2016 campaign when Trump spent a week or more attacking the Khizr and Ghazala Khan, a Gold Star dad and mom who lost their son fighting one of America's wars, just because they spoke out against Trump?

So we can assume, based on Trump's statement, combined with his dishonest jab at Barack Obama, that the president has been on the phone with the families of the U.S. troops killed in Niger, yeah? He's probably had a tearful conversation with them about his Electoral College victory and the F-35 airplane and maybe he's even promised to come visit so he can throw some paper towels at their heads? NOPE. Here's the full exchange from above, where he says he's going to get around to it eventually, you know, after he's done attacking people on Twitter and ignoring Puerto Rico and California:

As MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin notes on Twitter, their deaths were announced 12 days ago.

This has been another edition of "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH DONALD TRUMP"? We'll be sure to update you next time he shoves his foot in his mouth so far it comes out of his ass, so, you know, in an hour or so.

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