What the Hell Is Wrong with People?

Don't judge a book by his cover. His porn stash, that's fine.Dickcember is apparently the month that keeps on giving, as we have yet another fucked up sex thing to report. At this rate, we're actually going to have to keep renaming all the months until people stop doing fucked up things to one another and, honestly, we're getting a little depressed over here. So, as a favor to us for the holidays, could the rest of the pervs in the world just eat some saltpeter and/or masturbate quietly in their bedrooms without the use of illegal child porn rather than committing any more illegal/immoral acts? Kthnxbi. But, after the jump, "enjoy" the confluence of child porn, attempted entrapment, political hit jobs and First Amendment rights, courtesy of liberal San Francisco radio host (and former priest) Bernie Ward.

Bernie here is a well known Democratic activist type and he was supposedly writing a book on the hypocrisy of the religious right. But rather than reading Wonkette's extensive coverage of the nasty sex crap in which seemingly many public figures engage, Bernie says he decided to do some original research. That research, obviously, entailed downloading child pornography and sending it to right wing people he didn't like in the hopes of entrapping them. One of them, skeeved that someone was sending him sick child porn over the internet, reported it (as is required by law) to the police.

Although there's absolutely no First Amendment exception to this nation's child porn laws, Bernie swears he was just doing research and shouldn't be facing charges for downloading and disseminating child pornography. It was research! Research! "Journos" should totally be able to download child porn to try to entrap other people into looking at it so that they can write books about the hypocrisy of other people because there are so few other examples of right wing hypocrisy. Bernie, while I "appreciate" you trying to protect my supposed rights and we here all love exposing hypocrisy, maybe next time you could think (while scrolling through images of abused and damaged children which I'm sure didn't even give you a little bit of a hard on) about WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE HELPING DO TO UNDERAGE KIDS instead of about your book deal and your political enemies. Because, Bernie, I dunno, some things in the world might just be slightly more important than you settling political scores.

Talk Radio Host Indicted on Child Porn Charges [ABC News]


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