What They Found In Saddam's Hole

We've been getting a lot of requests to "look into what they found in Saddam's hole," but we don't have a medical degree and we are a family publication. But we are interested in the contents of Saddam's bunker hide-out, which apparently included a stash of the British candy bar "Bounty." The Guardian investigates further:

For a fugitive despot,yum. (not saddam) the benefits of Bounty are obvious. The handy two-bar configuration allows partial consumption, followed by a narrow escape from US special forces, say, followed by resumed consumption, without getting bits of crumbling chocolate, or sickly-sweet coconut mush, on your clothes. (This Bounty, needless to say, should not be confused with the other Saddam-related bounty, the $25m reward the US had been offering for his apprehension. Nor should it be confused with Topic bars, which are hazelnut-based.)

The taste of tyranny [The Guardian]

A Waste of Paradise: The True Story of the Bounty Bar Hunters [The Idler]


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