'Slave Lake Alberta June 2011 after wildfire destroyed one third of the town,' by 'Mrsramsey,' Creative Commons license 3.0

I really want to gloat and point at Donald Trump being a big whiner and call him LOSER LOSER LOSER, because of all the people in politics I've ever heard of, he is the biggest bully and most hilariously thin-skinned jerk, ever. And I'll get to that, because he's such an infuriating, self-important buffoon, utterly indifferent to facts, relentlessly narcissistic, and, for 235,0000 Americans so far, fatally incapable of empathy.

So even though I sat down at the keyboard thinking of how glad I am that Donald Trump will soon have the powers of the presidency taken away from him, I can't help feeling a bit like the best we've managed here is to put out the fire that's destroyed too much of the town. All those dozens of months of constant Trumpy lies and cruelty felt like a deliberate attempt to wear us out, to throw an unending, paralyzing amount of shit at American institutions and norms, and especially at any people who Donald Trump didn't consider useful. So hooray, the fire is out — or 90 percent contained — but the children are still separated from their parents, the children who did get reunited have lasting scars to their psyches, and the virus is still killing and maiming people because Trump listened to a guy who thinks it would be great if we all got it.

There's also no shortage of arsonists milling around who really think the town still has too many of the wrong kind of people living here.

If you'd told me a week ago that the overwhelming emotion I'd feel when Trump was defeated was grief, I'm not sure I'd have believed you. But one of the things about getting through a disaster is taking the time to mourn, and to rest a little as we prepare to repair the damage done. And as Rebecca Solnit reminds us, people can do some pretty incredible things after a disaster.

And there's so much to do; that's a little overwhelming, too, but I'm glad to say that over the last couple years or centuries of the campaign, I've seen some damned impressive blueprints, like Jay Inslee's climate plan, much of which also made it into Joe Biden's own climate policy. (Speaking of needing to put out a fire.) That'll be difficult to get done with a Republican Senate, but even there, we're not entirely without a shot.

It will be nice to sleep a little better, don't you think?

You know what else will be nice? Having concerts and science fairs and smart people who have some clue what they're doing in the White House. Having national policy priorities that aren't primarily to trigger the libs will be nice.

Kamala Harris will be in so many pictures just like this.

It will be good having a president who doesn't need to have scare quotes around the title.

Today also feels a bit like that Doonesbury strip after Nixon resigned.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have so much work in front of them. It's really astonishing how much damage one asshole, with an army of asshole enablers, was able to do. And the prospect of at least two more years of Mitch McConnell blocking everything, as Rebecca said, makes "daunting" seem like an inadequate word.

OK, I've had my little cry. If you need to cry a little longer, we'll allow it. And when it's time, we'll get to work.

This is, like everything today really, an OPEN THREAD!

[Top photo by "Mrsramsey," Creative Commons license 3.0]

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