• RedState is spanking itself gleefully with a cinnamon-scented paddle because George Bush has been vindicated, and also everyone wants to know what he thinks about the atrocious Ground Zero Mosque. [RedState]

  • Oh look: George Bush has commented on the 9/11 Mosque. His take: "Cordoba whaa?" And then he choked on a pretzel stick. Kaboom, vindicated! [The Daily Dish]

  • Meanwhile, more hilariously absurd arguments are being barfed up as to why Park 51 must be stopped. This particular gem was penned by "NR Intern." (NRO interns don't even get their own bylines! Weak sauce, K-Lo.) Did you know that Park 51 is going to have a swimming pool? Never forget. [The Corner]

  • Famous lamestream media pundit Fareed Zakaria is leaving Newsweek! Now he will write a Brangelina gossip column for Time. [Daily Intel]

  • A GOP person from Iowa is fairly certain that the Bible teaches us that AIDS happens when gay people make out with vampires. [Think Progress]


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