What'd You Expect, Syriana?

Gay French NASCAR hero! - WonketteA double-secret-probation Wonkette operative reports from freakin' Camp David that the last two movies Bush watched were "Talladega Nights" and "Jackass 2."

Presidents get to see new movies at home months before they show up on Netflix, because studio executives don't really want to be tortured and raped forever in some secret CIA prison. And Mel Gibson's not really a "studio executive."

What to make of Bush's very special Camp David Film Festival? "Jackass 2" is obvious; of course he enjoys watching people being humiliated and hurt. But Will Ferrell's NASCAR mockery is a more interesting choice, because it portrays "Republican values" working class people as amoral bigoted simpletonsand serves as a bold endorsement of homosexual love.

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