Whatever, Iowa's Soooo Unimportant

What are you gonna doSo, Hillary lost last night in Iowa, kinda by a lot. You mighta noticed? Well, despite having drafted her daughter and spent money there like it was going out of fashion, her advisers would like to remind us all that Iowa is soooo not really important.

Chief strategist Mark Penn told reporters last night, "Iowa doesn't have a record of picking presidents," so who really gives a shit about them anyway, while traveling press secretary Dan Carson belittled its size, saying "Iowa is so small, it's like a mayor's race in a medium-sized city. It wouldn't be wise to put too much emphasis on it." Yeah, Dan, there's no reason to spend millions of dollars or a year since it's so unimportant. Oh, wait.

Didn't everyone learn this in, like, high school? A girl dumps you or blows you off, you can't go around being like, whatever, she's not really that pretty/cool/popular, because then you just look like a douchebag who is covering up his disappointment and hurt feelings, which is how Mark and Dan are making Hillary look this morning. Great strategy!

Iowa Isn't That Important, Clinton Staffers Say [Wall Street Journal]


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