Brit Hume Pretty Sure Trump Too Stupid To Be Racist

Elizabeth Warren has been the subject of racist attacks from Donald Trump and other Republicans for years now. This is apparently acceptable because the Massachusetts senator might've misled Americans about her Native American heritage, so that justifies calling her "Pocahontas." We don't follow this logic either.

Warren officially kicked off her presidential campaign Saturday, and Trump graciously welcomed her to the presidential race with this charming tweet.

Trump is easily one of the most racist presidents in US history. You'd think it'd be hard to break into the top ten if you don't own slaves or personally oversee the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans, but Trump somehow manages it. He even makes a pointed, all-caps reference to the Indian Removal Act, better known as the "Trail of Tears." Gold was discovered in northern Georgia, and the US government decided that the Cherokee residents might be better off someplace else. Fifteen thousand Cherokee people were forcibly removed from their land. They weren't given time to gather their belongings, and white Americans looted their homes like Fox News claims migrant caravans will do to lake houses in Minnesota. An estimated 4,000 Cherokee people died from hunger, exposure, and disease during the forced migration. This is no laughing matter. It was an act of genocide.

But hey, maybe Donald Trump didn't know what he was saying when he ALL-CAPS-ed the word "TRAIL." Maybe it's just the president of the United States having a hard time with the English language again, because he's stupid. That was the theme of our favorite conservative response to this, from Fox News's Brit Hume, who seems pretty confident the president is too ignorant and stupid to know basic American history. "Your honor, my client couldn't possibly have stabbed the victim to death because he thinks knives are straws."

Andrew Jackson is Trump's favorite president after himself, but Hume thinks it's absurd to assume Trump has any awareness of events that took place during Old Hickory's administration. The infant-in-chief isn't actually smiling at us, you fools. He just has racist gas. This already pathetic argument weakens even further when you recall that just last month Trump referenced the massacre at Wounded Knee in a tweeted response to Warren's Instagram Live Q&A. Trump is clearly your man for trivia related to the horrific deaths of minorities. Give him a call if you're hosting a racist game night!

As for national Republicans, they not only didn't denounce Trump's bigotry, but were rather inspired by it. The GOP's official response to Warren's campaign announcement was titled, "Fauxcahontas' Failure to Launch." #Fauxcahontas and "Lieawatha are both racist hashtags on Twitter intended to belittle Warren but actually insult millions of Native citizens.

Rep. Liz Cheney -- third highest ranking GOP member of the House and daughter of You Know Who -- further demonstrated Sunday how shameless the GOP is regarding the racist attacks against Warren. CNN's Jake Tapper asked Cheney if any part of her dried-up California Raisins soul was at all concerned that the president gleefully mocked the suffering and death of native people. Cheney's only response was to rag on Warren some more.

SATAN'S DAUGHTER: You know, I have concerns about somebody like Elizabeth Warren pretending to be a Native American... I do represent thousands of Native Americans here in Wyoming. And the notion that anybody of any political party would pretend that they were a member of a tribe, or would pretend that they were Native American — and would do it, as she seems to have done it, in order to get benefits — that is, in my view, the disgrace. She's made herself a laughingstock. I wonder whether or not anybody around her is saying, you know, "It's time to say this just isn't going to work."

No one around Warren is going to advise her that her campaign "isn't going to work," because their job is to make it work. People who don't think Warren should be president are probably a better fit for Amy Klobuchar's campaign. Or even Beto O'Rourke's, if he can ever stop crying and listening to early '90s Morrissey. (WE KID. O'Rourke is holding a rally in El Paso today, to steal thunder from Donald Trump, who is going to El Paso today to look at WALL and say how pretty it is. El Paso does not actually have WALL.)

Tapper just sat there while Cheney used a question about Trump's racism as an excuse to spout some more anti-Warren talking points. At this rate, Republicans are going to start calling Warren "Fauxcahontas" on live-ass TV and the media will just shrug.

Perhaps the most disgusting reaction came from Donald Trump Jr., because as we all know, Trumpism's cruelty and ignorant bluster just really appeals to small, broken men whose fathers never loved them. Junior shared on his personal Instagram a tweet from supposed comedian Michael Malice, which somehow managed to be less subtle and more racist than Trump's original jibe: "The Native American genocide continues with another murder by the president." Yes, the United States killed lots of Native people after violating repeated treaties with them. Hilarious!

Junior's caption? "Savage! Love my president." Sorry, it's not mutual.

Whatever mistakes Warren might've made regarding how she once identified herself is between her and Native Americans. It's not an excuse or justification for Republicans to dust off their stalest, most racist material about Native people, whose dignity and feelings they couldn't care less about.

So of course, we can expect at least another year or more of this shit.


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