What's Good For the Wiretapped Goose is Apparently Not Good For the Wiretapped Gander.

phonetap.jpgAs you know, yesterday, the Senate Intelligence Committee voted along party lines to reject a motion by Senator Rockefeller to hold hearings on President Bush's warrantless domestic wiretapping program. Elsewhere, the wheels are turning in the halls of Congress to hastily grant the President after-the-fact power to continue to wiretap Americans without oversight from any legal authority.

We know that here at Wonkette, we're often tagged as snarky complainers who contribute little more than irrelevant mirthmaking. And we've been a little critical of this eavesdropping program in the past. But for once, we thought to ourselves: "Why, Wonkette, why? Why not embrace the administration's unique vision? Why do we always have to tear down the efforts of our elected officials? Why not rise to the spirit of the occasion, and set an example for others to follow?"

Needless to say, we started feeling really good about ourselves. And so, we decided to call the offices of Senator Pat Roberts.

(Our conversation after the jump.)

The phone picks up.

"Good morning, you've reached the office of Senator Pat Roberts."

"Good morning, my name is Margot, known as Missy, and I


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