What's In That Drink?

* "We can't let them get away with doing it anymore. Join me in the PROTEST AGAINST THE DISCOVERY NETWORK." [DCist]

* "I know Pat Buchanan is so declasse that he puts ice cubes in his white wine. I have Maureen Dowd's and Reed Landry's ticket stubs from the Neil Diamond tribute concert they attended last week. I know that

Charles Krauthammer uses the fastest wheelchair I've ever seen." [why.i.hate.dc]

* "Davis says he almost left Congress two years ago to head a trade association and has had headhunters calling him. But, he says he still wants to see what he can get accomplished on Capitol Hill." [WTOP]

* "With crafty cocktails popping up with greater frequency (and mixologists moving all over town), I got to wondering about the state of the cocktail in DC. [Metrocurean]


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