What's Three Fifths of 12 Million?

* Judges throw out the government's war crimes cases against two detainees because the government has no idea what war crimes are. [NYT, USAT]

* In a bizarre twist, a Republican Senator is the first to die this term. All three people in Wyoming mourn tonight. [NYT, WP]

* Who would have guessed, but it turns out some of the annoying shit the FCC has been doing is illegal. Said Federal Judge Eric Cartman after the ruling, "Who wants to fuckin touch me?" [NYT]

* John Edwards sins every day, sometimes twice if he's home alone. [LAT]

* The week ahead will be a tough one for the Missouri Compromise Grand Bargain. [LAT]

* Rudy Giuliani killed Jesus Christ. [Politico]

* Some other countries are finally stepping up to arm the Taliban. [WT]


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