WHCD Bloomberg Party: Field Reports

Emails from operatives don't really count as reporting, do they? (NYT, we're still waiting for you to get back to us on that!) We hear but cannot vouch for the following:

Why was Candice Bergen and her daughter seen getting into a USNEWS Chrysler at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday night? Seems that Bloomberg didn't supply a limo . . . [It was only two blocks away. Christ. - Ed.]

Our little contingent saw:

    - some blonde girl (Vanessa Kerry?) playing zone defense on Ben Affleck in the smoker's courtyard, literally boxing out the other ladies who attempted to go near him.
    - Lloyd Grove palm some woman's ass as she went up the stairs ahead of him.
    - Grove (again) painfully explaining who he was to a very young brunette. . . "No. . . it's a gossip column. Yeah. . . New York. . . I used to write one here. . . "

    - a senior network correspondent describe Jessica Lynch as "smokin' hot."
    - Wolfowitz smiling (drunk?).
    - The White House press shop boys doing shots over near the "grassy knoll" (porta-potties).
    - And we give an extra-special shout-out to Mike Allen who was so tanked that he kept leaving his award all over the place.

i thought [the Bloomberg paty] was beautiful (how much do you figure it cost them, what with the forest of trees with all the candleabra in them?) but so hot (temperature-wise) that we only stayed for abour half an hour. my favorite moment there, i think, was al franken pointing a finger across the room at paul wolfowitz and shouting "FUCK YOU!" [I can't believe I missed this! - Ed.]


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