WHCD: The Guest List Roundup Thus Far

We're working procuring a who's-bringing-whom comprehensive guest list. (An activity we've heard called "reporting." Could someone from the NYT call and explain what that is?) Until then, a partial accounting/roundup of what's already out will have to do. As you may have read in this morning's Reliable Source, People's people include: "American Idol's" Randy Jackson and his wife Erika, Former Pfc. Jessica Lynch, Richard Belzer and his wife, Harlee McBride, Serena Williams and Christopher Heinz. But the Olsen twins? Leiby's fantasizing again. A source tells us that the Olsen's people told People that they aren't going at all.

Also reported by Leiby (though how can we trust him now?):

    MSNBC: Apprentice Bill Rancic

    Newsweek: Meg Ryan

    Bloomberg: Anna Kournikova, Drew Carey, Minnie Driver, and Candice Bergen

    CNN: Wayne Newton

    WP: Cameron Kerry and Vincent D'Onofrio

    ABC: Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Rove, Powell, Rumsfeld, Shrum.

Someone who got a peek at the White House Correspondents Association master guest list also sends along the following boldface names, many already reported elsewhere. . .

"Paula Abdul, Clay Aiken, Sean Astin, Drew Barrymore, Simon Cowell, Hilary Duff (although I heard she's since canceled), Morgan Fairchild, Dule Hill, Mary Louise Parker, Meg Ryan, Ryan Seacrest." Our tipster points out that "the master list [is] nowhere near complete or final because they're submitted so early that it doesn't account for last-minute dropouts and add-ons."

Well, yes, speaking of drop-outs: We're hearing things about those American Idol folks. Could it be that some celebrity judges are unable to differentiate between gracing Washington with their presence and asking a national news network to get down on their knees and suck it?

Reliable Source [WP]


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