WHCD: What It All Means, Part 1

Wonkette West Coast operative Hugh Elliot sent us another dispatch, this one speculating on the meaning of who invited whom to the White House Correspondents' Dinner. We accept and elaborate on his theories:

Inviter/InviteeWhat they're trying to say
MSNBC: Apprentice Bill RancicWe're all going to be looking for jobs ourselves soon.
Newsweek: Meg RyanRemember us?
Bloomberg: Anna Kournikova, Drew Carey, Minnie Driver, and Candice BergenIt's a good thing everyone already wants to come to our after party.
CNN: Wayne Newton We are never going away.
WP: Cameron Kerry and Vincent D'OnofrioWe know who these people are.
ABC: Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Rove, Powell, Rumsfeld, Shrum.War, smore: Everyone wants to know what J-Lo's like in the sack.
UPDATE: We'll add more as we sober up. As for the meaning of inviting Wonkette: Did we not mention ass fucking the first time?

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