Even we're almost tired of this story. But in case you aren't:

"Is it a thrill to be here? A bore? An honor? A desperate attempt to bring coolness to a terribly uncool wartime bunker of a city?" [WP]

"Nobody danced. Nobody ever does." [WP]

"It's become like everything else. It's become the Super Bowl." [NYT]

"Vincent D'Onofrio, star of 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent,' asked whether he would attend the Bloomberg after-party, responding: "Why would I go to that idiot's party?" [WP]

"At [the Bloomberg] bash, there was Mr. Affleck regaling an admirer with the story that he was going to run for Congress; there was Wayne Newton expressing his respect and thanks to the troops; and there was Ms. Barrymore - in one minute, gone the next." [CSM]

Maj. Gen. Ray Odierno is "used to going places he’s not invited — think Tikrit — so crashing the party at the Wyoming Avenue mansion was easy. The general arrived with Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and the bouncer, seeing Odierno’s towering figure next to the Wolf, decided not to ask to see his invite." [The Hill]

"[T]his annual event is the triumph of. . . Famous-for-D.C.: luminaries whose wattage is so specific and small-scale -- anchors of small-hours shows on news cable channels, for instance -- they'd not register in places inured to seeing, say, movie stars." [Ad Age]

" One sign that it wasn't a real Hollywood party: the absence of orangey spray-on tans and mounds of décolletage glitter. Instead: sensible shoes and eyeglasses." [USAT]

"Kurkova turned up her nose at the mere thought of meeting her fellow White House Correspondents Dinner guest Ben Affleck. . . 'No, Kurkova insisted, 'I don't want to go there!'" [NYDN]


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