When Democrats Dream

I Think I'm Moving To Montana SoonLosing like the Democrats did in November has to have some kind of long-term effect. And now we think we've discovered the first signs of it. The Daily Kos features a long post today speculating on the next state heading from red to purple in time for the 2008 elections. Is it... Ohio? Florida? Any of the other swing states John Kerry fumbled away to President Bush? No.

Just as Georgia turned on a dime to become a solid Red state, Montana is showing hints that it may do the same.
Yes, Montana! Home of Republican Senator Conrad Burns, a complete lunatic and a former cattle auctioneeer. Home of countless militia members and die-hard conservatives who would sooner shoot their mother than vote for a Democrat for president. And home of... well, Bush's 59 percent vote share in November.

This is just not a good sign if you believe it's important to have two viable political parties. We know some Democrats think they need to branch out and go into rural areas where they haven't done so well recently, but maybe they should start with, oh, we don't know... Iowa?

Montana On The Road To Swing State [Daily Kos]



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