When Hunter Met Sally

fireplace.jpgFlipping though an advanced copy of Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson, one item popped off the page. Apparently, Thompson used to date Sally Quinn of The Washington Post: "He was always pumping me," she says of the late journalist's thirst for Washington gossip.

"He never talked about his wife," Quinn says of the oddball affair which almost rivals the recent reveal of the steamy coupling Bob Marley and Vogue editrix Anna Wintour. In the oral biography written by Rolling Stone's Jann Wenner and Corey Seymour, Quinn tells readers she first met Thompson during the 1972 election and started dating soon after:

Whenever he came to Washington, he'd give me a call. I'd heard about him, so I knew what to expect. And I've always been attracted to renegades. I was not intimidated by his bad-boy reputation. These kind of guys are always sweetie pies underneath.

I dated Hunter for a while. We had a sort of relationship, but it was obviously long distance, because he'd just blow into town now and again. It was not serious. For me it was just fun, but I adored him. He was the sweetest man I've ever known. he was absolutely adorable.

Quinn also says Thompson was a perfect southern gentleman:

He would always open the door for me, and whenever he'd meet me, he'd be standing there with a little bouquet of flowers. There was something so incredibly touching about him. I don't think I've ever been treated as well by anybody in my life as I was by Hunter.

And that week-long DMT binge in Juarez? Dreamy! A nice thought for hubby Ben Bradlee while he's up all night frightened to the very core of his soul.


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