When Is The Debate Tonight? Where Can You Watch The Debate? WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY?

Just a quick reminder that Joe Biden and that orange fellow will be meeting for their second televised debate tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern, broadcast on all the networks, the cable news channels, and livestreamed right here at Wonkette while Yr Editrix livebloogs the whole insane spectacle as long as her brain holds out. We cannot rule out the possibility that we may all be driven mad like an HP Lovecraft character reading an accursed eldritch text. So come and gibber in ancient and obscene tongues with us, won't you?

Remember, this time around, the Commission on Presidential Debates has decreed that for the first two minutes of each candidate's response, the other candidate's mic will be muted, which Donald Trump has already protested as an unconstitutional infringement of his Article "People love that I'm an asshole" rights. We'll turn the volume up a little to see if Trump nonetheless rants while Biden is speaking.

Moderator Kristen Welker of NBC News has announced six general topics, which will each get 15 minutes of "discussion." Let's list them here, with a table indicating what each candidate will discuss during that segment:

Topic What Biden will talk aboutWhat Trump will talk about
Fighting COVID-19Fighting COVID-19Hunter Biden
American FamiliesAmerican FamiliesHunter Biden
Race in AmericaRace in AmericaRiots, Hunter Biden, semi-deniable
"Turner Diaries" allusion
Climate ChangeClimate ChangeHunter Biden, banning cows & planes
National SecurityNational SecurityHunter Biden Ukraine, Hunter Biden China
LeadershipMy friend Barack ObamaDick size, antifa, Hunter Biden,
the 1984 New Jersey Generals lineup

We have also learned, from the Twitters, that Trump is planning a devastating surprise that's sure to shake Mr. Biden to his core!


We'll have the livebloog up for you to read around 8:45 Eastern. If you forget to bring something to drink / a comfort object, that's on YOU.

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It's your open thread!

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