When Tim Pawlenty's Elected President Next Tuesday, He'll Reinstate DADT


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/aiK5EIjO1uA?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

We have no idea why Tim Pawlenty ever was considered a serious candidate for president; these things just happen, we guess. Has Pawlenty ever shouted "YOU LIE" at the current man in the office? No, and that fact should disqualify him. But yesterday, a veritable meeting of the minds occurred: Pawlenty went on insane AFA blogger Bryan Fishcer's radio show to promote his squirrely squirrel book. Pawlenty lets us know that he, not Jesus, is responsible for defining marriage. And at the very end of this clip, right before the scary music, he promises to pull a fast one on the gays by reinstating their ban from military service.

Just a couple of soldiers talking shop, you see.

We don't know how Pawlenty thinks he can win the presidency by criticizing Sarah Palin while positioning himself for her same constituency, as he is lame and never seems to talk about bears. But maybe he is staying out of the race, which would be a good thing. We always want to slit our wrists when we see him referred to as "T-Paw."

But hopefully the threat of little T-Paw coming to swat at the gays in the military will keep them closeted. In order to protect our children. Despite the fact that basically everyone, especially children, thinks DADT was dumb, like T-Paw's face. [Right Wing Watch]


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