When To Sell Your Losers. Tabs, Thurs., Nov. 18, 2021

COVID's vision and hearing symptoms, so that's great! (Scientific American)

Dahlia Lithwick, essential: In the age of guns, Stand Your Ground, the Rittenhouse trial, and this Supreme Court, self-defense is a flat circle. (Slate) Rittenhouse lawyers want mistrial because "pixels." (AP)

In "honor" of Paul Gosar's House censure, a little censure history. (Plus the note that while the GOP gnashed and wailed that Gosar was stripped of his committee assignments and censured for his hilarious "I will kill AOC" jokes, the Republicans themselves want to strip 13 Republicans of their committee assignments, for voting for the infrastructure bill.) — The Bulwark

Dead-wife voter who wept to the Republican Party and the media about somebody (him) voting for his dead wife (it was he) got probation. — Nevada Independent

The FBI raided the home of disgraced Colorado elections clerk Tina Peters, as well as Lauren Boebert's campaign manager, just because Peters may have leaked election infrastructure all over the internet, so that is McCarthyism and she is V MAD. (KKCO)

Jill Filipovich on the "mother and baby homes" of the Baby Scoop Era. I absolutely think the evangelical women from yesterday's Washington Post tab very earnestly want to Do Good. I also absolutely think once there's money to be made on it, a whole lot of people will not want to Do Good. (Substack)

Why Elon Musk — yes, he's not native-born — will absolutely run for president. — Roy Edroso Breaks It Down

Anoka bans chalk art on sidewalks or streets, I guess the whole city is an HOA. (Star Tribune)

Is inflation real? Do people have a right to be upset about it? What about this possible new Fed chair Lael Brainard? Be a nerd with Noahpinion.

The infrastructure bill, jobs numbers (headed toward the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years?!), inflation, and supply chains. Heather Cox Richardson rounds it up.

Nice time! Anti-gay small-town county commissioner assholes tried to be anti-gay assholes, had their assholes handed to them. (LGBTQ Nation)

Rebecca, Montana's seven-month winter has begun, isn't it time for you to start spending 90 minutes a day comparing beachfront hotels in Tulum? Yes, yes it is. (Zamas)

Rebecca, your husband wants to move from Montana, are you coming sometime soon to look at Ann Arbor and Detroit and buy us beers while you're here? Yes, let's call it "Saturday, Dec. 18, in Detroit in the afternoon" and you tell me where there's somewhere outside, with heaters, and snacks.

Wonkette will be shutting the Bazaar down for the first half of the year, immediately after Christmas! Don't forget to pre-buy all your favorite Wonkette lover's January-June birthday and other gifts now! (Wonkette Bazaar)

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