When You See What These Kids Are Jumping In, Your Jaw Will Drop! Tabs For Friday, Feb. 28, 2020

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When You See What These Kids Are Jumping In, Your Jaw Will Drop! Tabs For Friday, Feb. 28, 2020

Yr Editrix will be back (to work, not from her friend's beach house in Mexico) Monday, but for now you get guest tabs again. And don't expect any recipes either, because Yr Dok Zoom is a philistine when it comes to food. And most other things!

Lotsa coronavirus news today! The Washington Post has a great big story on a whistleblower complaint from a Health and Human Services employee who says HHS employees were sent to assist repatriated Americans exposed to the virus -- without any training or protective gear. Then she was reassigned for making HHS look bad, and if she refuses, she'll be fired. (Washington Post)

The Dow suffered its biggest one-day drop in history Thursday. Probably because of treason by the media! (USA Today)

More history! For the first time ever -- or at least "living memory" -- Saudi Arabia has cancelled pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina, the two most sacred sites in Islam, because of fear the coronavirus could spread. (CNN)

We keep forgetting to mention this'n from a few days ago: The Trump administration wants Congress to pay for the coronavirus response by shifting money from the program that pays for energy assistance to the poor. (Washington Post)

In a fairly brilliant response, Elizabeth Warren says we should pay for it by taking funds from WALL. (The Hill)

In case anyone was wondering what really matters to Coronavirus Commodore Mike Pence, he's added Larry Kudlow and Steve Mnuchin to the task force. Expect an announcement that the virus can be killed by Bitcoin. (New Civil Rights Movement)

Eric Trump took a two-day business trip to check in on a new Trump Trash Palace being developed in Uruguay, and it cost taxpayers $80,000. (Daily Beast)

In the Wonkette Sekrit Chatcave, Liz Dye recommended this story about DoorDash drivers fighting back against crappy corporate policies by filing a blizzard of arbitration demands against the company. The subhed gets to the jist of the tactic: "Company to workers: You can't sue us; go to arbitration. Workers to company: Okay, here are thousands of cases." Nice! (American Prospect)

Somebody tweeted this May 2019 ProPublica story last week, on how the wealthiest communities in America make sure housing stays unaffordable, and maybe I will get around to reading it! But now the link is here, so I can close the tab. (ProPublica)

Really nice David Roberts thinky piece about how Elizabeth Warren wants to repair America's crisis of trust in government. It ain't sexy, but the work needs to be done, and damn it, she's enthusiastic about it. Let's sing from the hymnal together, kids: Big. Structural. Reforms. (Vox)

Tim Steller, a reporter for my former hometown paper, Tucson's Arizona Daily Star, wrote a terrific report on the Mexican government's neglect of the refugee crisis coming from southern Mexico. It's a lot easier to get along with the Trump administration by pretending Mexicans fleeing armed gangs are solely a Central American problem, and labeling Mexicans escaping violence "economic" migrants. This is damned good local/regional reporting, and hooray, it's the first in a series! (Arizona Daily Star)

I got this emailed pitch from someone who "LOVES our Website 😊" and wants to write for it. It's uncanny how this dude has captured the Wonkette voice, and clearly understands the high quality of the many helpful articles on our quality website. Best of all, despite his extensive experience as a writer for quality websites, he's willing to work for exposure dollars!

Lions and leopards don't generally pal around together. But at Gir National Park, in Gujarat, India, researchers observed an Asiatic lioness that adopted an orphaned leopard cub and nursed him for about six weeks along with her own two cubs, up until the little leopard died of a birth defect. The New York Times has a feature on the rare cross-species adoption, or you could read the full paper in the journal Ecosphere, where we grabbed these pics by one of the co-authors, Dheeraj Mittal. Squee warning, despite the sad outcome. THEM PAWS. (New York Times, Ecosphere)

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