When You Try To Explain A Movie In A Poorly Way! Tabs, Wed., April 6, 2022

When You Try To Explain A Movie In A Poorly Way! Tabs, Wed., April 6, 2022

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Oooooklahoma where you will go to prison forever for your legal abortion! (Free link NYT)

Oh looks like the poor GOP Putinists backed the wrong evil dictator war criminal, my my, isn't that sad. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Why is this man's Joe Biden so terrible and his Trump so perfect? (Number one Joe Biden is Woody Harrelson, fight me.)

Everybody hustlin' hustlin'. (For "everybody," read "house," which out-earned you last year.) (The New Republic)

An "NFT-based podcast network" because WHYYYYYYYYYYY.

  • The idea is to combine the IP from the various NFTs it acquires into a content collection that it will call the "Non-Fun Squad" universe, said Conal Byrne, CEO of iHeartMedia's Digital Audio Group. "We can world-build for them, creating narratives around them, and bring those stories to life via podcasts."

No. — Axios

Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva, a known shitbird, tried so fucking hard to get out of testifying about the literal gangs in the SD. Judge ruled go fuck yourself. — Spectrum News

All y'all commenters were like "I am watching Bamz and crying and crying" so I decided to watch Bamz and cry and cry — and that was just the Dad jokes, ba dum bum! — and now you can watch Bamz and cry and cry too! (But seriously, it was the Dad jokes.)


Is there a Republican who didn't vote fraud? — Talking Points Memo

A lady in charge of Coast Guard? Not sure that is legal! (MSN)

Some tabses ago, I pooh-poohed the New York Post for intellectual dishonesty regarding the founder of Black Lives Matter buying all the houses in the world. She has media money! Successful Black people not allowed to spend their own money on "houses"? Well, besides those houses (which she says she paid for), BLM bought a $6 million house in CA (which as its "campus" could actually be perfectly legitimate!) while they talked shit about they don't owe any explanations to any of their donors (they're a nonprofit; they sure do!), and it's not awesome. (New York mag)

Kyrsten Sinema a dick again part one million and forty two. On David Weil's busted Labor nomination, Robert Kuttner at The American Prospect.

Old tab! When Jeff Sessions took tiny immigrant children away from their parents, it was for Jesus. He was all like "Suffer the little children. No, that's it. Just suffer them." (American Oversight)

Speaking of. That Santa Barbara surfing Christian who murdered his small children didn't do so JUST for QAnon but for David Icke too, because "lizard people" isn't funny anymore. Come back when you're done lying on the floor. — Vice

Seems like Fox News might be unhealthy for old people and other living things. The good news is you can deprogram them. You just have to get them to switch it off first, so good luck! (Study)

Why is Devin Nunes so good at his Truth Social job? This Politico article doesn't say, instead it is all "blah blah disaster" "blah blah everyone quits."

Poorly way film splaining! (Excellent Town)

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