Where David Ignatius Goes, Trouble David Broder Follows


generalsignatius.jpgAbove, the precise number of retired generals and Post columnists required to call for Donald Rumsfeld's retirement before David Broder will explicitly agree.

It's a Rumsfeldapalooza on the Post op-ed page today! David Broder, Dean of the Washington Press Corps, has Rummy in his sights and -- with the help of a few solid weeks of established conservative voices already expressing the sentiment for him, and hot on the heels of similarly RADICAL op-ed furniture David Ignatius -- takes him down!

The situation cries out for serious congressional oversight and examination; hearings are needed as soon as Congress returns. These charges have to be answered convincingly -- or Rumsfeld has to go.

Yes! Hearings! Accountability! Charge-answering! Over-sight! Over-sight! Over-sight!

But the combined moderate reasonable center-lib power of the David's is not enough for Jack Hiatt, the uber-moderate:

In our view Mr. Rumsfeld's failures should have led to his departure long ago. But he should not be driven out by a revolt of generals, retired or not.

Yeah! Rumsfeld should've gone already! But not because of Generals! So if he's fired, which he should be, it shouldn't be because those guys criticized him, but because we criticized him for sorta the same stuff! But it should've happened before! Yeah!

Did Joe Biden win the nomination yet, or what?

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