Where Do Politicians Go When They Die?

* No institution in the United States is more corrupt than the New York Times. Except for Congress. And the Justice Department. Well, and we guess the DoD, too. The whole executive branch, really. And also a lot of the judiciary. [Michelle Malkin]

* In the spirit of the part of the Constitution we don't pay attention to anymore, Duncan Hunter seeks to revoke all of Columbia's federal funding. [Think Progress]

* Senate leadership won't punish Ted Stevens until he blows a police officer. [TPMmuckraker]

* Geraldo is finally fitting in. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Lincoln Chafee is going to be unemployed for a while, probably. [Political Wire]

* There are more U.S. contractors than U.S. troops in Iraq and we don't even have a joke to make about that. [MoJo]


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