Where is the Outrage? Diamond Cab Edition

"Where is the Outrage?": A new Wonkette feature. Sometimes minor slights require a nuclear retaliation. The asymmetrical response was a Washington art form even before Dick Cheney drew up his list of countries to invade (Watch out Luxembourg!) We encourage our readers to adopt this approach. Does The Note get you down? (Like biting on tin foil, I tell you...) Does WTOP always have the wrong traffic reports? Please write with your complaints.

Our first screed -- continued after the jump -- comes courtesy of our At the Curb Operative. (It was hard for him to type with that confining white jacket.)

Diamond Cab must be stopped. They are not a cab company. They are bad and mean people. They taunt old ladies and they singe cats. I don't mean they have done this in particular to me. I am neither an old lady nor a singed cat so I wouldn't know. But it's the kind of thing that they would go in for. I bet they joke about it over the radio. Listen for it next time.

That's if you can actually get them to come to your house with a cab. It should not be considered a burden when a person calls to be picked up. This, in theory, is what Diamond Cab is in the business for: the picking up and dropping off of people who need a ride in a cab. Rain has been with us for a long time. It shouldn't confuse them so. Rain is not an excuse to not show up. Neither is sunshine, paved roads, or a steering wheel that may or may not be singing Jim Croche tunes.

As I write this, I am stuck once again in their interminable hold. At Guantanamo Bay they must be using this insipid jingle to flip Al-Qaeda's worst. "For quality assurance your call may be monitored," says the sullen recorded man. How can they say this? The calls they answer are barely monitored by the person answering the phone. If anyone is listening in it's because they're making fun of me. "We'll try to have a cab there as soon as possible sir," is i think a particularly strong laugh line.

It's so frustrating. To get back at them I tried to call and order multiple cabs to their office but they never showed up.


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