Where To Stock Up On Wine While Social Distancing Without Going Broke. Tabs, Tues., March 24, 2020

Where To Stock Up On Wine While Social Distancing Without Going Broke. Tabs, Tues., March 24, 2020

IT'S NEVER LUPUS. Except when it is and you can't get your meds because Trump opened his stupid butthole mouth. — ProPublica

Plus people who listened to him and bought aquarium cleaner are dead?

Trump STILL won't invoke the motherfucking Defense Production Act,because ... I don't even care why, that stupid, shortsighted bitch. (Vanity Fair)

Fucking idiot. — Politico

Health officials going nuuuuts. — Politico again

Rural hospitals are in trouble. — SCPR

Shit's getting (lol "getting") SCARY and WEIRD.

But not for these guys! Let's look at the super-rich's coronabunkers! (LA Times)

Crowds of minimum (subminimum?) wage deliverypeople waiting outside a fancy New York eatery for the honor of bringing rich people their veal. Do check the pix. (Eater)

Oh thank god, A NICE.

The American Prospect looks at some plans to prevent small business collapse.

Fox News is using its climate change denial tactics on coronavirus, FUN :D (Media Matters)

Texas has halted all abortions except in case of the life of the mother. — CBS

Oh nothing, just the plague that ended Athens. (Slate)

How one man, Dr. Israel Weinstein, stopped smallpox in New York City ... for good.

Surviving coronavirus and climate change: our shared sense of humanity. (Grist)

The Plastic-Hunting Pirates of the Cornish Coast. I'll take it, New York Times!

Food and Wine says to save your onion and garlic skins. I ... can do that? I mean, we just threw away all the brown bananas to make room in the freezer instead of making banana bread (our bad), but sure, freezer full of onion skins, why not.

Food and Wine's recipes from pantry staples. CLICK.

Apparently some of you have not heard this message yet: If you use my link to sign up for Naked Wine Club, they'll put a hundred dollars in your account, and $40 in mine.

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