Where's Bill?

We were overwhelmed by all the creative e-mail we got yesterday after we posted the news that Bill Clinton's portrait may have been moved to make way for boughs of holly. And we're not even talking about the ones promising to enlarge our penis! Some of the most interesting thoughts on where they put Bill for the holidays:

Did your friend, who toured the White House and failed to find the Clinton portrait, check out the lavatory off of the Oval Office where Slick was said to "Slap the Monkey"?

Word is, that he asked Laura if he could take it to hang in his doublewide in Little Rock. There is a reproduction in his Harlem office and another copy in Chappaqua. He loves to look at it. She's happy for him to have it.

So, I haven't actually been to the White House, but I think some Home and Gardens TV might just thicken the missing-portrait plot! Your super cool Wonk-Op watched a show on decorating the White House this year. Laura openly talked about how Johnson's portrait was getting taken down for Christmas. Somebody warn Carter -- the GOP is after him next!

The Clinton portrait is under the desk in the Oval.

I hear Bill Clinton's portrait was installed on the ceiling above the presidential bed. Laura told George it was so that every time they screw, he moons Bill. And when she scrunches her eyes and murmurs "Slick. Slick. Slick", George just smirks and thinks "you sure are, honey."

Wow! Wonkette readers sure are clever, and some of 'em are nuts! Keep sending in your best guesses to tips AT wonkette DOT com.

BREAKING: Clinton White House Portrait Missing? [Wonkette]


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