Where's My Stunt Double?


  • Michigan Republicans are also calling McCain's melodramatic abandonment of Michigan a "stunt." [Politico]

  • Poor U.S. "consumers" finally got the memo (or the credit-card cancellation letter) and have stopped spending. [New York Times]
  • Today's the last day to register to vote in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Colorado and other such important Battlefield Earth states, in case you'd like to vote for president next month. [LA Times]
  • Obama seems to have a big lead with these new voters. [Washington Post]
  • Some 400,000 homeowners nationwide -- including more than 125,000 in California alone -- with crappy Countrywide mortgages will now be able to halt foreclosure action and get their loans revised, thanks to a legal settlement with the attorneys general of 11 states, led by Jerry Brown. [NY Times/LA Times]
  • Oh hey, global financial markets have collapsed. Thanks for nothing, bailout bill! [Washington Post]

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