Which Disney Princess And Parks And Rec Character Are You. Tabs, Tues., May 5, 2020


World leaders chipped in to an $8 billion pot to fund vaccine research. The U.S. did not contribute. Okay. (New York Times)

Bless Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine for trying to put a lid on his idiots. I don't envy him. (Washington Post) (The permalink is bad and for the life of me I can't find the correct one. Hit it and then scroll down a few posts.)

The deplorables and the white supremacist lockdown protests. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Trump's intel pick, John Ratcliffe, follows a whole bunch of QAnon accounts on Twitter :/ — Daily Beast

Trump's Interior secretary let him have his little Fox thingie in the Lincoln Memorial, because he really wanted to. (New York Times)

The New York Times's 1619 Project won the Pulitzer, and the mediocre white men are pisssssed.

Plus a posthumous one for Ida B. Wells! (Biography)

And a This American Life that just won a Pulitzer as well, this one on immigration. I haven't listened, it's all so fucking sad.

Lol no! Devin Nunes's very excellent ambulance chaser, Steven Biss, just keeps getting reprimanded by all the judges who are practically calling him Kris Kobach! — Fresno Bee

Speaking of which, not sure I ever saw his lawsuit on behalf of Bluto Blutarsky suing NPR for "Seth Rich stuff." (NPR's motion for sanctions)

Blutarsky 0.0 www.youtube.com

When Trump gave up on saving lives. — Digby

Ammon Bundy knows what is the Holocaust, and it is "keeping people from dying." (HuffPost)

A whole family of assholes seems to have murdered the Flint security guard for "disrespecting" a woman by demanding she come back with a mask.

The TONE on Don Lemon!

Oh no a Mexican took Andy Lack's job. — NBC

All I know is Robyn better write me a post on the Phantom Time Hypothesis, ROBYN. (The Wik)

Apple blueberry cobbler! Minus the ginger snaps because who has that!


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